Toad Harbor Net Antenna Analysis


The following screen captures are representative of models for antennas in use or proposed.

Some assumptions are made as to height and angles.

The comparisons should be generally valid though refinements in dimensions will yield slight changes in Z and Gain dBi.

Bear in mind these are works in progress.



Single N1DVL Vee at 45'



N1DVL X Vee "Parallel" Feed at 45ft



N1DVL X Vee "Fan" Feed



N1DVL X Vee Actual at 80ft



N1DVL Single Vee at 80ft



KB2ZVP Loop at 45ft



KB2ZVP Loop at 80ft



KB2ZVP X at 140ft with Ground Screen



KB2ZVP X at 140ft without Ground Screen



KB2ZVP straight X at 140ft with Ground Screen



KB2ZVP Vertical at 120ft with 16 radials



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